gael s.

we all believe that we are constantly acting in our own favor, that the things we do won’t affect the good things or cause any problems, if we know they will cause problems, we try to find ways to hide the truth, or avoid any kind of situation where the truth will become known. the better we get to know ourselfs, the more we become stronger and confident, and we’ll become more happy inside than we already are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

apple crumble


Tim Barber
childhood things pt1

this is where I’ll be leaving all of the useful words who are influencing my mind, life and ways I like to see myself or others in all kinds of situations. there is no doubt that some of those words are ridiculous or unrealistic, or even at a different point from where we’re supposed to be right know in history. you see, I’m already going to far in this whole ‘add a text post’ thing but I started this so I’m finishing this. from a young age, still young, but anyways, from a younger age then I am know, I always saw myself standing at the sideline, I saw life happening and I pretended I was just watching it from another dimension, as an only child at home I always played games on my own and invented things to do as a time-killer, I had a lot of dolls to play with and a lot of music I played like a thousand times and I used to stand in front of the mirror and I just danced for hours and hours until my mommy came and told me dinner was ready. I used to run to the dinnertable all dressed up like a princess or wich and then pretend during dinner I really was someone else. my mom then asked me where I was from and why I came to visit her, and I used to tell her the food was delicious. every year I got really weird and big birthdaycakes, one year it was a mickeymousehead and I got so scared I didn’t want to eat it. at school I knew a lot of names, I always remember names, not faces but names in particular. at the end of every day at school, my grandpa picked me up, and some days we went shopping and he always bought me a present, then we went home and we ate his cookings and then we ate cheetos-chips and drank coke. then he’d watch footballgames and I’d fell asleep on the couch, then my mom came home and she took me uptairs. things felt so easy back then, life was not chosen but made and we just had to be kind to everyone. school was easy and making friends was easy and there wasn’t even internet than bothered anyone. but there were other annoying things that we don’t remember, as for now, we’ll be forgetting our problems as soon as possible.


(by hipydeus)
silenced by thoughts

as my words break on those dark painted walls, 
I carry you with me, you have no idea
who will this
who am I 
and what will fix this crashed mind
I don’t


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